Things To Know About Aloe Rid Shampoo & Hair Drug Testing

There are many reasons why a hair drug test is preferred by the employers and other organizations. It is almost impossible to cheat on this test. Traces of drugs consumed almost 90 days back can be detected with this drug testing method. It is not easy to clean up this biosample. If the head hair is not present or too short in size, the body hair may be used. This drug test may be part of an employment selection process or a criminal justice system. A hair drug test can show substance abuse over a period of time. The lab results are out in less than 3 days.

Hair drug tests can be problematic even for individuals who do not take any banned substances. They can test positive if they have been on certain medication. Some chemicals used in certain drug formulations are similar to the substances found in illicit drugs. A hair drug test can be used to detect the use of a wide range of drugs including heroin, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, nicotine, PCP, LCD, and barbiturates, among many others. The drug compounds can stay in the hair for up to a year. In fact, THC compound found in marijuana can stay in the hair shaft until the hair has been cut. At the same time, this test is considered reliable only for finding the use of drugs going back up to three months.

About 1.5 inches of head hair sample will be collected from you for this test. The process is handled at a clinic with a drug testing facility or at a government’s law enforcement center, depending on the purpose of a hair drug test. The lab technician will collect several strands of hair. This collected hair sample is sent to the laboratory for the test. The drug test result is generally received within three days. While it is difficult to cheat in this drug test, many drug users have reported benefits of using hair detox shampoos specially made for this purpose. You can try this option if you have been asked to undergo a hair drug test. Use hair detoxification method only if you are sure it is going to be a hair drug test.

Hair detoxification works because hair cells stop internal cleaning after growing out of the body and if the person has stopped ingesting drugs. A good quality hair detox shampoo helps remove drug toxins from the hair. There are many hair detox shampoos in the market but not all of them deliver the result. It is important to buy a detox shampoo that has proven its effectiveness in hair detoxification. Aloe Rid Shampoo is a big name in this field. It has been around for several years which is a clear proof its users trust it.

Aloe Rid Shampoo is used in combination with a special conditioner. The first is the basic Aloe Rid toxin removal shampoo for regular use while the other one is the last day use shampoo conditioner. Both of these shampoos are used in combination to get the best result. The toxin removing shampoo works by successfully opening the hair cuticle and removing the drug toxins from the cortex. The hair detoxification process is completed by using the final Ultra Clean conditioner. Both shampoos have special ingredients that work in combination to deliver the promised result. This set of shampoo and conditioner can be used for all types of hair. It is safe to use and leaves the hair soft and silky. The older style Aloe Rid Shampoo is now available online.

Both Aloe Rid and Ultra Clean shampoos provide good support to people who have to go for a hair drug test. These shampoos should be used at the same time to increase the effectiveness of this hair detoxification method. The main shampoo is used for 3-10 days before going for the test while the Ultra Clean Shampoo is used on the day of the test. If that much time is not left because the intimation for a drug test was given at short notice, multiple same day showers are recommended with the main shampoo. The lather generated with the shampoo should be left on the hair for 10-15 minutes. For the best results, the manufacturer recommends repeating this process at least 15 times before going for the drug test. In the first step, a normal shampoo is used to remove oil and dirt from the hair. In the next step, the Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo is used. Its lather is left for the recommended duration and then rinsed. The Ultra Clean Shampoo is used on the final day.

The deep cleaning formula of Aloe Rid Shampoo is helpful in passing a hair drug test. At the same time, it is important to use other options as well to pass a hair drug test. Stop using any type of drug after you learn about your impending drug testing. Use other options like detoxification of the body systems so you can come out clean in your drug test.